Here’s the Feeling Each Graffiti Library Scent Will Bring You

Each Graffiti Library fragrance has something unique to offer. From Sweet Wood to Green, here’s the feeling each scent will bring you!

GL Signature:

Serenity No other scent will make you feel as comforted quite like Graffiti Library’s signature fragrance. Notes of apple, gardenia, orange blossom, sandalwood, and more work together to create a clean, fresh aroma. Get wrapped up in a warm hug once you light the wick of any candle containing this scent. We promise whatever was stressing you out will cease to irritate you once you get a whiff of the signature.

Green: Enlightenment

Need a little extra help gaining some perspective and clarity on any given subject? Green is the GL fragrance you need in your life. Aromas of bergamot and iris create a soft and fresh scent that will bring you the lucidity you’re looking for. So take a deep breath and let the rest come easy.

Floral: Romantic

Whether you’re hosting date night in your living room or are getting in the mood for some self-love, Floral is a fragrance that’ll bring out the romantic in even the coldest of hearts. It’s a very subtly sweet scent, perfect for those who aren’t fans of overpowering aromas.

Woody: Safety

A scent that is so perfectly described as your “best or worst one night stand,” Woody is a very masculine scent. Even though it may conjure up memories of your least favorite hookups, it truly doesn’t make you feel safe and warm in its invigoratingly woodsy aroma. At the very least, it won’t leave you broken-hearted.

Poppy 2: Adventurous

Whisking you away to far away places you’ve always wanted to go, Poppy 2 is for those who never want to stop exploring. While soft and woody notes of Tangerine, coconut, and patchouli linger in the air, you’ll feel as if you’re on a vacation in your own home. Who wouldn’t want that?

Sweet Wood: Euphoria

Sweet Wood is an expansive fragrance you won’t ever seem to be able to get enough of. One whiff and you’re hooked on its uniquely balanced aroma. From fig to cedarwood there is quite the array of notes in this fragrance. Yet, they all work together perfectly to intoxicate your senses.

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