Graffiti Library is the result of Malery Vinal’s creative vision. The West Hollywood, CA resident gained a passion for interior design and art while embarking on a real estate career shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 2012 from Greensboro, North Carolina. Combined with her keen eye was a desire to work with budding creatives. She realized that so many brilliantly skilled artists either lacked the basic business skills to gain exposure, or they wanted to devote their time to creating rather than seeking management.

Vinal began visiting various parts of the world to inspire what would soon become Graffiti Library. Most notably, she went on a mission trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with actress and activist AnnaLynne McCord and anti-trafficking advocate, Somaly Mam.

In 2017, shortly following the trip, Vinal launched what was merely a side hustle. She broke into her business with the release of her Summer Series candles, enlisting the artwork expertise of Bryden Lando. The debut collection focused first and foremost on Cambodia, followed by several other locations Vinal connected with deeply upon visiting. 

Vinal's passion project gave her the opportunity to connect with rising artists, turning their designs into high-end home and office decor, while exposing their skills to her vast variety of contacts. Since, the brand has flourished into an artist management company, while simultaneously curating art for other venues. This includes an upcoming venture at Landon Cole furniture in Los Angeles. Vinal also hosts a quarterly gallery party at the Graffiti Library House nestled deep in the Hollywood Hills. The event features new and established artists, bringing the community together to embrace the craft. 

As recently as Spring 2021, Vinal ventured to Bali for three months, where she connected with skilled natives. These natural-born artists lent their talents to the designs of GL’s new high-quality calf leather journals and evil eye bracelets—both of which were manufactured using traditional Balinese methods and equipment. To many of the designers, these were the first employment opportunities offered since COVID-19.

Locally, Vinal launched a coaster collaboration with Miami artist, Jared Ryan Shaw. She also had a successful run with Australian L.A.-based artist, Sahara Novotna, who teamed up for a provocative lip series candle collection. The entrepreneur also showcases established and rising talent on her blog, where she’s featured everyone from Loot founder and wildly successful entrepreneur Joseph Einhorn, to Madonna’s fashion-forward artist pal Julian Prolman.

When she’s not busy hustling through L.A., absorbing as much art culture as possible, you can find Vinal sipping on tequila at her favorite Venice Beach bar.