about graffiti library



A resident of Los Angeles, California for over 7 years, Malery Vinal is an adventure seeker, travel enthusiast, art director and philanthropist. Her primary focus is creating a platform and recourse for artists. With a strong work ethic, clear moral compass, and a big heart, she has found a way to incorporate her love of art and design into the creation of Graffiti Library .


Graffiti Library originally started as a candle line with an artistic approach. It quickly evolved into a platform to showcase artists, highlight charities, and sell it's own exclusive product lines. Working with The Perfumery Shop in Los Angeles to create unique, one of a kind fragrances. Hand poured, small batch candles and promoting exclusive art from a dynamic group of artists.  Every aspect of Graffiti Library was strategically planned and created to bring its customers the best line of art-inspired home goods with a creative and dynamic twist. 


The first candle collection originally only featured “Cambodia”  dedicated to the charity, Together1Heart. Malery learned about this charity from its founder, Anna Lynne McCord, and she felt compelled to get involved with this important organization. Together with Anna Lynne McCord, Malery Vinal and artist Bryden Lando created the design not just for a candle but as a standalone piece of art. If you look closely, the art included in this candle is that of 4 individual children who, though they may be victims of sex trafficking, still embrace the tenets of happiness, hope and love. We believe giving back is good for the soul. 


The “Summer Series,” Graffiti Library's first set of 5 candles, featured artist Bryden Lando. Together, Malery and Bryden created "Los Angeles" as the signature candle, and dedicated candles to NYC,  Dubai, Park City and Cambodia. They collaborated their ideas and made nothing short of an amazing first series of art. 

The "Lip Series" collaborated with artist, Sahara Novotna. A vision for a simpler design with an edgy concept. Giving consumers the option to pick their own custom fragrance for each style. 

Haute Betts Jewelry - created by Heather Betts, a California based designer. Her collections are handmade and therefore stunningly unique, completed with crystals, gem stone skulls, metals and charms. Their variety allows you to pair them up with lots of different looks making it a staple choice for many different styles.