Jared Ryan Shaw



"I am not one of anything, I am one of everything."

Jared Ryan Shaw has described the process of creating his art as “feeding his pure” due in part to the internal artistic satisfaction he gains, and also because of the truth he can perpetuate with a blank canvas. Without formal training or education, he embarked upon his artistic journey through trial and error. His use of an extreme color palette mixed with his ability to live outside of the box led Jared Ryan Shaw to creative freedom. His initial plan was to simply define art through the exploration of different platforms. But like most plans in life, it changed. What subsequently blossomed was a lifelong devotion to the creation of art, and ultimately the study of himself as an artist.

​With a blank canvas, he began to create. Ignoring the paintbrush beside him, Jared squeezed the energy of his soul into the black acrylic tube in his hands, and instantaneously he coined this act “paint-stained emotions.” While existential thoughts swirled, and curiosity peaked his attention, he was left in a state of self-reflection. He describes this time as “…an artist coming out of [him], but [not] understanding what the artist was.” As the paint flowed out of the tube, so did his emotional grief and achievements; he felt something that he’d never felt before, something that the great highs from his past lives could not compare to. He felt his pure artistic energy and vowed to forever feed it.