Poppy 2_ The Fragrance to Cure Your Wanderlust

Smell is a powerful sense.

Connected to our memories, it has the ability to transport us to various moments in our life. We may get a whiff of a freshly baked pumpkin pie and think back to the Thanksgiving we spent learning how to make them with our grandma. Our nostrils may be tickled with the aroma of salt water, reminding us of the summer we lived on the beach.

Fragrances offer an escape, even if only for a moment. And not only can they take us back to places we’ve been, they can carry us to places we’ve always wanted to go.

Poppy 2, is a scent that does just that. Soft and woody, it’ll take you on quite the aromatic journey of the past, present, and future. Base notes of amber, musk, and patchouli warm and calm the senses, allowing you to travel to the coziest place you’ve ever been.

White chocolate, orchid and jasmine, which make up the fragrance’s middle notes, are quite the intoxicating combination. Though there’s something familiar about them, there’s also something new and fresh they offer with their aromas. You’ll be rolling around in freshly washed bedsheets one minute, then sipping a cocktail on a deserted island the next. Yes, these two scents together hold all that power.

Making up the top notes are coconut, quince and tangerine. They really make Poppy 2 the invigorating and electrifying scent it is. You may know and love these scents, but they’ll open you to a whole new world with their unique aromas.

When you need your home to feel like an escape, this fragrance is here for you. You’ll be able to travel the world from your house with a scent like these nearby. Are you ready to explore?

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